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Mary Kolb, PhD
Licensed PRH Educator

Mary Kolb has been leading PRH Education events with individuals, couples and groups since 2004.  Her clear, concise style of communication and her passionate commitment to her own personal growth help her to connect warmly with parents, singles, couples, young adults, and mature men and women.  Mary specializes in designing practical programs to address issues such as life satisfaction, decision-making, boundary-setting, self- image, and life integration through journaling. Her particular joy is to accompany individuals 1:1 in PRH Helping Relationship, coaching men and women to find access to their in-depth wisdom and goodness.

Prior to becoming a licensed PRH Educator in 2004, Mary completed well over 1000 hours of professional training in PRH methods and pedagogy. She continues to improve her mastery of PRH methods by using them in daily life, completing over 100 hours per year of ongoing training and continuing professional supervision. She was re-certified by the Professional Certification Board of PRH International in 2010, and – like all PRH Educators – must be re-certified every three years.

Mary earned her Doctorate in Sociology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Her studies there and as a researcher at the Johns Hopkins University asked how people make meaningful and satisfying decisions about their schooling and work careers. As Executive Director of the Maryland Institute for Employment and Training Professionals, she was responsible for designing and offering workshops to professionals throughout the state charged with helping unemployed workers. Now, as a licensed educator for PRH (Personality and Human Relations) International, her passion is to guide individuals in discovering and expressing their unique gifts so they can experience their happiness and wholeness.

Mary currently works in the Ballard area of Seattle, Washington.


Professional Affiliations:
   - Professional Development director, PRH Education-USA
   - Adjunct faculty, Seattle University Masters in Transformational Leadership
   - Member, International Association Andre Rochais. (Contact person for USA)

Statement of Inclusion:
Adults who are willing to discover their positive core are welcome to participate in HDP offerings, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.


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