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Tools for Life's Journey (One-day courses)
  Accepting and Loving Myself
Growing in a realistic and positive self-image

Discover what you are currently relying on for your self-esteem, and gain clarity about what undermines it. Through guided exercises, progress toward a valuation of self that is positive, realistic and secure.This workshop will enable you to:

  • Specify how your personal history relates to your personal valuation and self-acceptance
  • Name what makes your self-esteem waver
  • Claim your unique inner resources that have value
  • List three attitudes that free you from basing your value on other people and external events
  Boundaries: Respecting Self and Others
Understand healthy growth needs in yourself and others; explore areas of your life and relationships where you have difficulty saying "no" or asking for what you need. Identify the beliefs and experiences that undermine your ability to advocate for yourself, and discover your realistic steps toward respectful self-care.
  Learning to Help with PRH Helping Relationship
Develop attitudes and skills for listening to and supporting others

Practice an effective method that empowers others through your wise and compassionate listening. Learn to listen deeply to the positive in others. Identify and practice attitudes that empower others to take charge of their growth. Distinguish between different modes of helping, and know when to use each one. This course features live opportunities to practice and observe helping sessions.

  PRH Decision-Making Workshop
Practice making grounded, holistic decisions

Life’s most important decisions can be complex and have high stakes. Learn a process for making decisions that are just right for YOU. Practice on your real, current decisions while learning to frame your question, clarify the factors affecting it, listen deeply within yourself, and verify whether a decision is right for you.

  Write for Your Health
Journaling about personal feelings and experiences can help you be healthier, happier, and even smarter! In this workshop you'll learn to use reflective writing to gain personal insights and develop a greater sense of well-being. You can use these new skills to improve your own health, or practitioners can acquire new tools to work with their patients and clients.

We will explore the various elements of "expressive writing" and the extensive health benefits it provides. Then, with step-by-step instructions, you will try two methods: one developed by James W. Pennebaker to express uncomfortable experiences, and PRH Self-Analysis, a reflective writing method that focuses on positive experiences. You will build proficiency in using both methods by distinguishing between your thoughts, feelings, and memories – plus, identify three types of personal insight that result from reflective writing.

  Becoming More True to Myself
Find meaning in your everyday life, using creative expression

Make sense of your life today, so you can remain more in touch with who you are. Explore your relationships, work, and where you find meaning in your life in order to clarify your sense of purpose. Recognize what is blocking you from being more true to yourself, and discover new steps for your daily life that will help you be fully yourself.

  Clarifying My Relationships
Explore your experience in relationship

Focus on your relationships with those you love in order to review and clarify what you experience with each one.  The resulting insights will enable you to increase your capacity to give and receive love.

  Exploring My Inner World
Training in PRH self-analysis
PRH Analysis is the essential tool for growth in PRH Education. Learn to identify and explore sensations (feelings that have bodily resonance) that are the key to perceiving and understanding one’s internal reality. Step by step, participants learn and practice this tool for ongoing self-discovery and development of their positive core, the being. Gain ease in identifying and analyzing positive and painful sensations in order to live with clarity and authenticity.
  Freeing Life in Me
Explore inner life and its obstacles using creative expression

Explore your positive qualities through line, color, and form. Using creative expression as a method of self-discovery, grow in understanding of yourself and the life within you. In a safe and respectful environment, discover what helps or hinders your growth and expression of your positive core. Art experience is not necessary.

  Helping My Children Become Themselves
Discover how to develop your child's unique personality

Parents explore ideas and patterns that influence their relationships with their children of all ages. Needs and aspirations of the child are examined, including the need to be loved and guided, and to be a child in a secure environment. Parents identify their next steps in supporting their child's development.

  Leading My Life
Observe and adjust patterns of daily living
Increase self-awareness by identifying your helpful and unhelpful functioning at each of your pivotal centers (Being, “I”, Sensibility, Body, and Deep Conscience). This thorough exploration will help you understand yourself better and choose behaviors that are helpful for you. You will clarify your life goals and your next steps to attain them.

Making Good Decisions
Learn the PRH method for decision-making
Discover your in-depth conscience, an essential component of good decision-making.   Learn to analyze your current challenges so you are better able to make and verify decisions that will help your being grow. Practice awareness in ordinary, daily decisions and recognize your path in larger, life-decisions.

  My Body and My Personal Growth
Discover your body's role in your personal growth

Improve your relationship with your body and develop a greater sense of “wholeness”.  Discover the important elements in your relationship with your body, and explore how your body can help you grow emotionally, relationally and spiritually.  Explore how your body image, your body’s needs and language for expressing them, and your sexuality shape your relationship with your body. Identify new steps for managing your body’s energy, allowing your body to have a role in your daily decisions, and benefiting from your body’s role in healing emotionally.

Monthly Growth Groups
Hone your PRH analysis skills and continue your growth
Small groups of men and women meet monthly to support their growth using PRH tools and reflective writing methods, and to share in a safe supportive environment. Costs are $50.00 -$35.00 (sliding scale) per meeting. Prerequisites: Completion of at least one PRH 30hr intensive course and recommendation of instructor.
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